Reflecting on Tiny Good Things

I watched this movie called “The Map of Tiny Perfect Things” in which the main characters re-live the exact same day over and over again in a loop. Because they become bored, they end up making a map…


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Recursion Explained.

Recursion is a programming technique where a function calls itself in order to solve a problem. It can be a powerful tool for solving certain types of problems, such as traversing a data structure or generating a sequence of numbers.

The key to understanding recursion is the base case. This is the point at which the recursion stops, and the function returns a result. Without a base case, the function would continue to call itself indefinitely, resulting in an infinite loop.

A common example of recursion is the factorial function, which calculates the product of all the numbers from 1 to a given number. The base case for this function is when the number is 1, in which case the factorial is simply 1. For any other number, the factorial is that number multiplied by the factorial of the number one less than it. This can be expressed in code as follows:

Another example of recursion is traversing a tree data structure. In this case, the base case is when the current node is a leaf node (i.e. it has no children), in which case the function simply returns. For any other node, the function recursively traverses each of its children.

Recursion can also be used to solve problems that involve breaking down a problem into smaller subproblems. For example, the famous problem of the Tower of Hanoi can be solved using recursion.

However, recursion can also lead to poor performance if not used carefully. Each recursive call adds a new layer to the call stack, and if the recursion goes too deep, it can cause a stack overflow error. Additionally, some problems can be more easily and efficiently solved using iteration.

In summary, recursion is a powerful programming approach that can be used to solve certain types of problems, but it should be used with care in order to avoid performance issues.

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