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Life in all forms is positive. We often forget that all the Universe, Earth, the Sun, and all that we can imagine is Alive. Positivity is in the eye of the famous beholder. If we are all alive, part…


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Two Masters?

I still see holes here Nicolas. Let’s call it sustainability for now.

Google started out as the organizer of the worlds information. They still do that, but since becoming a public company the focus is more and more directed toward being the worlds marketer. Can the former be sustained by the later; can you serve two masters. Traditionally the answer has been no.

Where do you go from here? I believe there are 2 paths for for technology which is quickly become subsummed by Artificial Intelligence. One is that we keep developing AI until it is capable of becoming our companion as we approach human endeavors. The other path is that we change societal practices to fit our technological capabilities. Most of the development of tech has fit the later path better than it has the former.

Google Facebook and Twitter are struggling with their algorithms effect on democracy. I think they could improve society — or — they can make money the easiest way possible. Which brings me back to 2 masters. Technology can be about extending and improving human capability — or — it can be about money and fitting humans into algorithmic processes, but it can only sustain one master, not both. Am I wrong?

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