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How To Quickly And Easily Turn Tweets Into Image Posts Using A New FREE App

How to quickly and easily turn Tweets into image posts by Krishna De

Have you ever wished you could post Tweets quickly and easily as images?

For example a quote or a testimonial?

There is a new free Android and iOS app available that helps you do this quickly and easily. It is also available on desktop though rather buggy at the time I tested it.

You might have seen me share some examples on Twitter.

Here is how you use it:

1. Select a Twitter account.

2. Choose a Tweet to turn into an image.

3. Select a solid colour as a background.

4. Or choose a background colour from the palette.

5. Or take a photo and use that as your background.

6. Or even upload your own custom background.

7. Then share from the app to your Instagram account or as I prefer to do, save to your camera roll and then use as you wish.


The app is great but it could be even better if we could:

1. Select our own colour for the background using a colour dropper or hex value

2. Save background colours for future use

3. Create images that work for Stories in a portrait format

4. Have some different fonts available for us to use especially if we post to Instagram I would love to see some brush fonts.

If you have read this far you might be wondering what the app is called?

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