Redrafting the 2011 NBA draft

The 2011 NBA draft class most would say it is the greatest draft class of all time. I don’t believe it is because of the number of busts. I think the 1996 draft is the greatest. Let’s get into it:


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Who is Responsible for Success in Health IT Startups?

Today IT startups in healthcare are one of the most popular spheres for investment inflow. If we additionally take into account the fact that every year the price of implementing various software technologies decreases, and come to the conclusion that there is the golden era for startup activity in medicare now. Customers will be actively interested in investing their money in healthcare software projects.

So, your team started to work on a new health IT startup. Who will be assigned the main responsibility for its successful execution? Of course, the success is only the result of a productive collective interaction. That is why the collective work is so important in this area. Nevertheless, there are three key positions which take the main responsibility for the success of a health IT startup: the developer team, CTO, and CEO. We will explain what will help to ensure the success of the medicare software below.

The CEO stands for the Chief Executive Officer, whose powers are focused on developing a comprehensive vision of the project. That is, not only from a technical point of view but also from marketing and sales. The executive director also determines the target audience, sets the focus on a specific niche of commercial software and indicates the ways of its promotion into mass use. Of course, enthusiasm, desire, and the idea should come from the CEO, as he begins most of the initiatives. CEO determines what course will the startup take. Often this burden of responsibility encourages executive directors to strengthen control over the processes on the project, which only harms it in the end. Checking and monitoring work performance demoralizes developers and other project employees. They cease to be honest with their superiors, trying not to take responsibility and stay out of initiatives. They work simply to meet expectations and receive their money. So, to sum up, do less control and more team building.

The Chief Technical Officer is responsible for the level of product quality, and the entire technological part of software development is under his leadership. Thus, the CTO must have an extensive theoretical knowledge and immense practical experience. He has a clear idea of ​​how to implement the future project and assign tasks to specific members of the development team. The main advantage of this person is an experience. As a rule, this is the brain of the project, which can see what other team members can not. Such a person should not be distracted by other tasks, moreover, perform the work of other workers, since the team needs a wise fellow. He is able to see problems and eliminate them before they will cause serious damage, which makes him a respect from the other team members. For CTO, it is necessary to learn not to blame oneself for these problems, because the only thing that matters is the way one overcomes them.

An incorrect development of the game feature in the worst case will simply cause the loss of clients. A mistake in a healthcare software can seriously affect someone’s health. Therefore, the importance of the developers work in the creation of health IT startup is undeniable. Of course, each customer wants to work only with a dedicated team that will be extremely motivated to find the best ways to fulfill the task. But how to make them that dedicated? The conclusion is simple: let them take part in the life of the project, let them influence it. Even if it will be quite a small influence, but a person should feel part of a large family. They will make them feel needed and useful. Such a team is able to cope with the task as effectively as possible, and the customer assignments will cause a wave of creativity and new ideas.

The most important participant in the development usually remains behind the scenes. It can not be attracted with the help of salary or career prospects. It can be cold and impartial, but it is the one that affects the project success first. And yes, we are about the client.

The most important thing for any startup is the demand for the product. “And how can the healthcare software be not in demand?” — you can ask. The truth is that not all ideas are able to help people in the form they are embodied by the product. That is just like here, “we have a tool, but it’s inconvenient/expensive/long to use (consider other options)”. By all means, you need to avoid such a fate for your startup. Attract users to the development as early as possible. Create an MVP, cooperate with clinics, consult doctors and staff. Make customers part of your team, and then they will love your product.

Creating health IT startups is an extremely responsible and complex process since it is likely that someone’s life will depend on the correctness of its execution. That is why it is necessary to approach the search for an IT company extremely scrupulously.

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