Dealing With Pharaoh Ants and Bait That Works

Could you imagine waking up littered with tiny insects every morning? For centuries, and in every corner of the world, Pharaoh ants have ravaged the homes and lives of many. In some cases, medical…


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Dazed Consumption

The cultural shock of 9/11, and its resulting consequences, are alive and well in post-pandemic America.

I was born into a generation raised in an environment of constant media agitation. 9/11, and the perpetual state of conflict it brought about, spawned the “24-hour news cycle”.

The constant barrage of outrage and over-saturation of information has shaped the current media landscape.

We no longer expect from our media but have come to depend on a steady drip of content. It is not the story that matters: a massacre abroad or another shooting on home soil. What truly matters is the very appearance of a story.

Context and analysis are only the window dressings. In capitalist America, content begets content; the cycle continues its nauseating spin.

With the rise of social media and endlessly scrolling feeds, this reality has become ever more encompassing. As a society, we are more “informed” than ever, but only on the surface. We live in the era of headlines and ten-second videos.

With so much information constantly surrounding us, swirling rapidly around our peripheries — we find no respite in consumption. Nothing appears long enough in our cultural gaze for it to come into focus. We are without center and have made ourselves impatient— now, being without understanding.

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