Cheerleading can be scary too

I was so proud of myself for just doing it the first time. I started to work even harder than before. Over the next couple months I found them getting higher and better. Unfortunately I had to quit…


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5 Things NOT To Do If You Want To Be Successful In Your Business

Successful In Your Business

There is so much speculation for what practices carry you through to success in today’s day and age. Taken from my own experiences, I am going to tell you the exact way NOT to do things if being successful is in your future plans.

1. Doubt Yourself.

I believe Henry Ford said it the very best when he said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t-you’re right!” This just simply means you can accomplish anything that you think you can (or can’t) do. So, if you think you can sink that basketball shot 10 times in a row, you absolutely can! On the contrary, if you think you’ll never be able to switch from the job you dislike so much. True. You believe you can’t, so you can’t!

I have been trying to master this business for going on 2 years now. If it’s one thing I’ve learned, you can’t have a “can’t do” attitude. It literally gets you nowhere. I’ve fallen flat on my face many times, but I get right back up because “I can.” I may not be where I want to be (YET)! I’m getting there!

2. Constantly Look For Solutions.

I know what you must be thinking. How can looking for solutions be bad, right? I’ve been through a long venture of different platforms to help with invoicing, calendars, lead generators…..the list goes on and on. Yet for as much effort as I was putting forth, I was getting nowhere. I was literally looking for a better solution ALL THE TIME!!! Had I had just stuck with just one, or maybe a few options, I would have been able to focus more efficiently on my business, and be further ahead by now.

3. Not Being Concerned With Organization.

I think this is a huge one that not enough people think about. I mean, think about it. If you’re not organized, your business can not really function well! What happens when you go to call your lead that you met in the park yesterday. You were SURE they were totally interested and then, what’s that? You can’t find their number
? SAY WHAT?!?! You failed to have an organized work place for your leads and now that one is gone quite possibly forever! UGH!

Let’s think of another possible scenario. You have a dinner date with ‘Kyle’ tomorrow night at 7PM to discuss some tips on how you can improve your marketing. However, since you didn’t write it down in your calendar, you also scheduled…

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