How Cloud became the most important buzzword in business

I talk a lot about the Cloud. In fact if I were doing shots every time I mentioned the word, I’d probably be facedown on my desk by 9AM. Like many buzzwords in the C-Suite there’s a lot of excitement…


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3 Things I wish I knew before I started my career

In hindsight this seems obvious but when you are applying for you first job out of university you are desperate to be liked, accepted and to secure that job. You prepare all the right things to say, the stories that put you in your best light and do all the research possible. However as time has passed I started realising that I actually have quite a bit to offer and there’s certain work cultures that I don’t like, certain principles that I really believe in. Now, the interview process is very different for me. Now I ask
- how hierarchical is the structure
-what is main driver of the company
-what are your views on life work flexibility

2. It’s ok to be confused about your career choice

We are constantly asked what we want to become when we grow up, and some people seem to really know what they want: doctor, teacher, dancer you name it. I never did, and it’s scary because it makes you feel like something is wrong with you. I would say now, that some of us just don’t know straight away and it’s not that we actually get taught about the diversity of jobs and career paths. Some of us have to experience, try different things until we gather enough data about ourselves. Slowly I am now figuring out the industries/jobs that are in line with my values.

3. Every job is an experience not a defined in stone career path

The scariest thing about choosing a career is that it feels like it’s a major decision, it will drive all future decisions and that it is now your set in stone career path. The truth is that nowadays more than ever people change careers, study completely unrelated subjects and enter fields entirely different to their original one. I have learnt that I should take every role as a learning experience even if it is about things that I definitely do not enjoy. Whilst I am in a job, I now analyse all the sides of it that I enjoy, that I thrive on and ensure that I remember to lookout for that when/if I want to pursue something different in the future. It works exactly the same or more with things I don’t enjoy: after experiencing a toxic work environment I make sure that I never experience that again.

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