How to avoid distraction while working from home

With social distancing now part of everyday parlance and practice, more and more people are finding themselves working from home for the foreseeable future. The good news for many is that it means…


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The journey to a better me

when you have the wings and zeal to fly

After having attempted to join Andela twice and failing, deciding to attempt for the third time was quite humbling and challenging.

Today(first day of boot camp) in particular my spirits were too low. I looked at the two weeks ahead of me and I was practically scared. I perfectly knew what this meant having traveled on this road before.

Then came Florentine, with her positive vibe. For the previous boot camps, I always looked forward to her sessions but this one, I never wanted to listen to her, I was only forced to close my laptop because it would appear rude if she talked while I completed my challenges. However as she progressed with her presentation, I was touched in a special way. She always speaks from her heart and as she deliberated I felt like I identified with a lot of what she talked about. From her presentation, I felt like doing this boot camp for the third time, meant that I had a positive growth mindset. No unfocused person can attempt at this stress more than once. This felt like a drop of water on dry desert land and I gladly embraced it.

While I still pondered on it, along came Christina Sass, the founder of Andela. I guess the perfect definition for her would be “positive energy”. Her responses to all questions in an honest and respectful manner touched my heart. her sincere desire towards seeing all of us grow from one level to another melted my heart. Who in the world would ever imagine that a person with an arts background like me would have a chance at a boot camp or even joining a software fellowship?

At this point, I believe that as far as software development is concerned, am boundless, only the sky is the limit. Am very encouraged and I feel like I have new wings to fly.

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