Ukraine Plans to Shoot Down Russian Aircraft Heading to Transnistria

Transnistria is a breakaway region of the Republic of Moldova, that almost nobody knows about, but which could be a point from which Russia’s war against Ukraine could expand to a war against NATO…


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My name is Kenneth Preston. I’m a 19-year-old Broward County student who has been working trying to uncover factors and individuals who share blame in the tragedy at Stoneman Douglas. Over the past month, I have learned the names and stories of all the victims. Their stories, along with the incredible strides made by the families to bring change, have compelled me to dedicate every ounce of energy and time to bring injustices to light. I’m not with an organization and I have no agenda whatsoever other than holding government officials responsible for their actions.

After weeks of research, searching through thousands of pages of government documents, and speaking with dozens of officials, I have come to the conclusion that Superintendent Runcie and members of the school board have failed at their essential role in keeping our students safe. Whether that’s because of incompetence or the incentive of federal dollars is for you to decide based on the evidence provided below.

Ultimately, no matter what laws pass, the extent, or how infrequent these shootings become, if the people who were complicit in facilitating an environment in which something like this could occur don’t face consequences, then there is no justice.

Absolutely everything that I’ve said as a part of my research has been meticulously sourced. In fact, the majority of the statistics that I have cited are from the Broward School Board and relevant agencies directly. If you find anything that isn’t sourced, feel free to contact me with the contact info listed above and I will provide one.

Promise Program/Behavior Intervention Program


Without knowing Superintendent Runcie’s motives for taking the actions he did, it’s nearly impossible to say why the money wasn’t spent and why such lax disciplinary policies were instituted. What is clear is that the Superintendent failed to take the appropriate security precautions. He has not at any point after the tragedy at MSD acknowledged the mismanagement of school safety funds, indicated any sort of intention to reform the way the Board functions or assumed any responsibility for the systematic failures that occurred in failing to properly deal with Nikolas Cruz. The actions and evidence described warrant an independent investigation into the conduct of the Board and Superintendent. In addition to this, the current discipline matrix and reform programs need be to reformed ensure that there is no tolerance for violent crimes in Broward County Schools.

*For the sake of transparency, it’s worth mentioning that a piece of the article the Superintendent called “fake” listed our previous findings of $4,673,508 spent, a less than 1% difference (in terms of budget spent) from the numbers that Florida TaxWatch confirmed. Even though statistically insignificant, a correction has been requested.


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