10 Times Elon Musk Has Proven His Critics Wrong

Nobody can deny that Elon Musk is one of the most influential people of our time. You might be a strong admirer or detractor but still might use one of his inventions like the Tesla car, or PayPal…


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3 apps to boost your Instagram aesthetic

When it comes to posting compelling content, sometimes it’s easier to get by with the help of a few friends. Take a look at these three apps to decide if they should join your repertoire of tools.

A week into my first internship at a nonprofit, I discovered Canva and have never looked back. With Canva, design is made easy (and free). Whether you’re looking to create a simple quote that aligns with your brands vision or a flyer for a community event, this app has the templates to do it all.

And even when I’m in the whimsical mood and going template-less, Canva provides a healthy dose of inspo to get your creative gears shifting. Not sure which fonts to pair together? Can’t decide on a color palette? Canva will allow you to make a graphic to that reflects the tone you need to get across to your audience, and you can do it with the help of a team (sort of like Google Docs).

*Pro-tip: While I designed my final public relations capstone report on Canva’s online platform during the final months of my senior year, I would not advise that others do the same (unless you’re willing to tear your hair out). While the platform allows up to 30 pages of content in one document, it often froze and lost WiFi connection, causing many hours of wasted time and changes.

A graphic designer’s dream, Photoshop Express eliminates the need to first edit photos on a laptop before transferring them to another device for posting. Essentially, it’s a miniaturized version of its parent program — Photoshop.

With loads of pre-set filters, crop features, special effects, color adjustments, stickers, and text overlays, even the most sub-par photo can be enhanced to professional quality. No need to settle.

If you’re like me, I don’t know how I could live without the Adobe Creative Cloud — both for personal and work purposes — and with Photoshop Express, I’m able to bring the magic with me wherever I go.

Oh, and you can fix the red eye in your pet photos. I hope that sells you.

This is where things get fun. A Color Story not only has all the bells and whistles when it comes to photo editing tools, but you can also peruse a gallery of filters. These filters are available in packages and provide recommendations for their optimal uses (i.e., outdoor photography, low light, fashion, cityscapes, etc.).

My personal favorite package of the moment, Fawn, says that it “draws inspiration from classic fashion photography. Pulling away from saturated tones, this set is gentle with contrast and creates a warm and neutral palette while maintaining skin tone.” And with its best use for “autumn, fashion, and lattes,” it can give my photography that warm, cozy hue any time of the year.

Not only does Color Story offer these filter packages, but textures and pops of light can be added as well. Taking outdoor photos but need an extra glimmer from the sun? Want to give a picture that vintage vibe? This app can do that — and it’s all customizable. By controlling the opacity, you can add an extra subtle glow or some serious sunlit energy to your photo.

What apps do you rely on for convenient content creation? I’d love to try them out!

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