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Oomph up your Boring Gratitude list!

The most powerful force and feeling that you can express on a daily basis is gratitude. When we are grateful for what we have in our lives, we are able to notice the little idiosynchricities that come into our lives. When you notice what you have
and express it with gratitude, you will magnetically attract more of it into your life. You don’t have to lose out on anything that is going well in your life, you don’t have to fear that you will lose what you want more of. If you want to change something ie, a job, a relationship, your wardrobe, a relationship, start appreciating it today and observe some of the positive changes that will come your way!

The simple act of daily gratitude shows the Universe (or Higher Power) that you recognise how abundant and prosperous you already are. I get bored quite easily and when I first started writing a gratitude list at the end of the day, I realised that writing ‘I’m grateful for my family, I’m grateful for my friends, I am grateful for clothes, I am grateful for my salary’ etc, started to really bore me! I was writing the same thing over and over again, even though I was grateful and didn’t want to put out the vibes of ungratefulness- I was just bored of writing the same thing! How about you, are you in the same boat?

Well, to oomph up your gratitude list read on to find out how much more you could be grateful for? And, add the sentences starters to your list to change it up, mix it and spice up your gratitude list!

Always appreciate the present moment-look around you right now, what do you see with your eyes? Sense with your body and hear with your ears? What is around you right now, that could with a little word of thanks?

Be grateful for yourself; if you are not your own cheerleader, most other people won’t be it for you. Learn to notice your personal efforts. You are the only person who knows how difficult making a sales call, or contacting an organisation you’ve not spoken to before, or speaking up when you’d normally stay quiet was, so give yourself a pat on the back! There are so many others things that you did today that have likely gone unnoticed by other people, so shine a light on them for your own self-esteem. You deserve it.

Focus on how much joy, love, excitement, happiness, appreciation you can feel or sense in your body during the day .. if there’s not enough of it, what action can you take to find more joy, love, excitement, happiness and appreciation.

Paying attention o other people’s kindness also makes a gratitude list unique everyday; Did you get great service from a restaurant worker, coffee shop owner, bus driver, did someone gift you with a discount or offer you help, signpost you in
the right direction, help you out with a task?

More often than not, it can be really difficult to appreciate an annoying sibling, a frustrating parent, partner or child, or a challenging boss. Yet there is still something you can find to appreciate about them-challenge yourself to see if you can find the lesson that a frustrating person is teaching you. What can you learn from them, that you are now grateful for?

Be grateful for your body and all the things your body parts have allowed you to do such as your legs and feet for walking a mile, your mouth and tongue for tasting some fresh fruit, or your hands for holding a pen or a phone, or your mind for processing all the information you’ve read, heard, see or sensed today. How much detail can you notice about yourself that you can be grateful for?

Notice how rich and wealthy you already are . . . if you have a roof over your head, clothes on your back and shoes on your feet and food and water in your stomach then you’re one of the blessed population. Statistics from the United Nations ‘Global Issues, The Human Development Report says that of the total percentage of people that live on less than $ 1 0 a day is 80%. Just noticing and being grateful for where you are, compared with other people can make a huge difference to your personal abundance and happiness levels. Just remember to notice it, be grateful for it, and start to become aware of how much more wealth you attract to yourself.

Always notice how much better your self-esteem, self-worth and self-love is. Each day, many people put on a facade to show that everything is ok, and after a while it can batter the foundations of self-worth. So appreciate something about yourself EVERYDAY that makes you feel good and gets you closer to your personal ideal of unconditional love. What beautiful and unique character traits can you notice about yourself today, even if none said it to you? you’re kindness? gentleness? helpfulness? honesty? self-respect? The list could go on and on!

Check out these sentence starters and get super creative about how to use them in your gratitude list tonight!

I’m grateful for because . . .
I am thankful to because sh/he . . .
I appreciate + [something about yourself] because
The smallest detail I’ve noticed about+ [your name/someone else’s name] that I’m grateful for is . . .

I’m grateful that you read all the way through to the end, and I wonder what are you grateful for today? What is something that you’ve not noticed before that you’d like to appreciate now? Share your comments below:

Words: Leila Khan

Photos: Stock up

Tags: healthy lifestyles, how to be happy, mindfulness, mental health, inner peace, self help, mental wellbeing, personal wellbeing, personal development, self love, power of mindset

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