How to Use a Library in Next.JS That Wants Window.Whatever

How to use a library that expects to be running in a browser, but is breaking when rendered server-side in the node.js environment, or, how to make react-chat-widget work in next.js. This article…


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Your Potential is Endless

There is virtually nothing you are not empowered to do.

You have more potential than you realize.

I think every single self-help concept in existence makes this particular statement. All the new-age teachers and concepts say it. However — this does not make it any less true.

It applies to everyone. It is a simple fact. Some days it is just harder to see, recognize, and acknowledge than other days.

We live in a society where most of our leaders prefer to disempower us than to help us realize how much potential we each have. Why? Because they think power is finite, and they want to hoard it to the best of their abilities.

You have more potential than you realize. No matter how difficult your day may be, no matter the obstacles in your path, you can change your world.

You have more control than you know, and you have the power to empower yourself.

The catch is that you must choose to empower yourself. You have to recognize your strengths and weaknesses in order to take what actions are necessary to empower yourself.

You have routines and patterns you follow in your life — but you also have the power to change them. You can break from your routines and create new patterns to choose a life you most desire to have.

Recognizing that you have more potential than you realize is filled with positivity. This idea can help you to build better things for yourself, to make more of the choices for your own life — and that is hugely positive.

Do you want to control your life, or give that control to someone else? I think people don’t see how little it takes to give away their own empowerment.

You may not recognize you are doing it. Did you hear the thing about that person in the office? Isn’t that person terrible? If you respond in the affirmative and then spread the story to another coworker — but before that story, you had a different opinion of the person in question — you have given away your power.

Did that story REALLY change your opinion of the person in question? Or did you just accept someone else’s take at…

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