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The jury is still out, but one could argue Beethoven X is on the path to becoming the best-decentralized exchange in Defi. There are many reasons for this. To keep it more high level for those that…


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Four Myths about Creativity

or How To Slay Your Inner Medusa

As a freelance Creative Director, I come across many people who don’t believe they are creative. They think it needs to be part of their title—emblazoned on their business cards and prominent in their LinkedIn profiles—for it to be legit.

Sentences often begin with, “Well, I’m not a creative person, but…” followed by an apprehensive observation or idea. They are apologetic, or worse, self-deprecating.

Don’t believe the propaganda!

According to Sir Ken Robinson (who worked tirelessly to imbue the value of creative thinking into the education system), these are the top four myths people believe about creativity:

There is a mistaken belief that creative people study arts and humanities while non-creative people take math and science. Creative people paint, draw, or sculpt art while the rest of us become accountants or lab technicians.

This myth instantly sets up a binary reality: there are creative people and non-creative people. There are creative jobs and non-creative jobs. You either belong in one camp or the other.

Robinson dismisses this myth with one sentence:

Creativity is not an area of expertise. No one group or authority can claim ownership. It exists within every vocation and pursuit.

I never thought I’d use Pewdiepie and Ernest Hemingway in the same sentence, but they both perpetuate the…

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