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Psalm for the Broken

and for the ones who know

You want to know about shame
I’ll tell you about shame

When you tell the nurse you don’t have insurance
medical or otherwise

When it’s colder inside than out
and you tell your child you’ve chosen
electricity over gas because it’s better to see
what you don’t have
than warm to the idea of it

When the food stamps arrive

When you don’t get the job

When you meet your husband’s child
who is two years younger
than your anniversary

I’ll tell you about shame

When admissions asks about your tuition
and you agree to call your parents again
because you’re sure it’s on the way
despite what was said
the last time

When you’ve been unemployed for three years
and there’s no pandemic to use as an excuse

When you don’t get the job

When you have to actually use the food stamps

When the amount in the bank account is smaller
than the amount on the red notice

When there’s more than one red notice

When foreclosure seems the more viable option
since you can’t afford even the water in the faucet
which is gonna freeze anyway
because you can’t pay for heat
with stamps

When all you own fits in a 5 x 5 room
that’s not yours
at this age

When your best friend forgets your birthday

When that’s your best friend

When your every submission is rejected

When you don’t love yourself enough
to let someone else even try

You want to know about shame
I’ll tell you about shame
sing you a song about an ocean you can’t afford

Here it is now
riding in like a wounded cowboy
eyes steeled against you
looking for a place to lay low

I’ll tell you about shame

That motherfucker

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