Quick Boot for Android Emulator in Practice

Recently a game changer was announced in Android Developers Blog — super fast boot for Android emulator. Less than 6 seconds and it’s ready to go. But… what to do if Android emulator stuck at some…


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Why Lifestyle Investment Strategies Should Constantly Evolve

Here’s what you should focus on when building a lifestyle investment strategy

Most people use a simple and straightforward approach to investing. They assume it’s simply a means to prepare for retirement. But really investing is a delicate balancing act that should change according to your lifestyle needs. A Sovereign Individual uses lifestyle investment strategies as a means to support freedom of choice and self sufficiency. They use investing as a way to cultivate the life they want to live.

Unlike retirement investing, lifestyle investment strategies require constant adaptation and need to evolve according to short, medium, and long term goals.

But angel investing in yourself is more complicated than outlining the purpose of separate investment funds. Unlike retirement planning, your short term goals frequently shift and when they do, so too should your investment strategies. If you don’t shift your investment strategies according to your needs, you won’t be able to effectively use those funds to pay for the lifestyle you’re pursuing.

Here’s what you should focus on when building a lifestyle investment strategy.

Your goals will change along the way. Like baggage stored in an airplanes overhead bin, your goals will shift mid flight. And as they change, so too might your investment strategy need to change. The point is that you cannot assume a one size fits all approach to your investments is the best solution.

It’s something you’d have to do when purchasing a house. You convert investments to cash or bonds to reduce risk leading up to your purchase. You don’t make any large purchases or investments that might spook the bank. And once you’ve bought the home, you may reset your investment strategies back to what they previously were.

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