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Syncing your user data

How to enhance queries for Contacts and Home Automation Domains.

Some Houndify domains require indexed user data to support richer sets of queries. For example:

This tutorial demonstrates how domains work with indexed user data.

Here is an example of a User Contacts request using the Houndify Python SDK.

User Contacts request using the Houndify Python SDK.

It is important that you use a unique UserId for each user, as the data will be stored for that key. Also you need to send these requests only when the stored data becomes outdated.

Here’s an example:

Example of passing in device data for the Home Automation domain.

As with the User Contacts domain, it is important to use a unique UserID for each user, and you need to send these special indexing requests only when the stored data should be modified.

Both device and group indices can be cleared by sending an empty array in IndexUserDevicesData and IndexUserGroupsData fields respectively.

In this tutorial, we looked at how we can pass in user data via the Hound RequestInfo object to facilitate richer voice queries. Specifically, we looked at:

Happy coding!

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