My Solo Hike to Steall Falls

When I arrived in Scotland, I arrived with a meticulously planned list of places I wanted to see and hike. It was compiled after months and months of reading and researching. But as destiny would…


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100 Headlines For 100 Posts


Grow as a writer with these 100 headlines

I am in a season of honing my writing craft.

While we should be doing this all the time as writers and authors, I’ve found that certain seasons' force is to get better. If we don’t, we can disappear. And none of us want that to happen.

There has been a lot of complaining lately about things changing. More specifically, for writers, it seems like many things are going against us on a lot of platforms.

While it is important to give names to our struggles, it is important also to look for opportunities in these difficulties. So, in this season of change, I’ve decided to do something instead of complaining about how things are going as a writer.

What am I doing?

Well, I wrote a story recently about things to do when our stats are down and things are hard as a writer. It was a follow-up to the increasing amount of complaining I’m seeing around the internet. In the post, I gave some ideas as to how to overcome difficulties as a writer.

One of those ideas was to write better headlines. As I have been looking at ways to improve my craft and continue to grow a following, I thought that I might focus on this one myself. So, in this article, I thought I would share what I am doing to do get better at my headlines.

Your headline is the gateway to your article. If it is good, you might do well. If it is great, you will always get the click. And while this is something we all know, it isn’t always something that we focus on.

Here’s why I’m focusing more on my headlines than ever before though. Views are down. Like, way down for me. Reads are up, but views are down. That’s…

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