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A Hot Chocolate Fudge with double the sauce and lots of extra nuts, this lip-smacking ice cream sundae is by far my favourite craving.

Hungry are you too? as I’m
Ordering for myself the
Tastiest ever Icecream sundae!

Chocolate is melted into a
Hot sauce that is poured
Over two scoops of fresh vanilla
Churned ice cream that is
Oozing yumminess
Lip smackingly delicious once it’s
Adorned with loads of
Toasted nuts ready to give you
Energy to boost your mood

Father of ice cream sundaes
Underestimated never till
Date as it blows away one’s mind
Glazing it with a sweetness that is
Eternally blissful to the core

When it comes to Delhi, India you won’t find a single person who hasn't ever had an HCF — that is a Hot Chocolate Fudge by the most famous Nirula’s. And that is the reason I decided to give it this title.
Having grown up enjoying this ice cream sundae, I still need to indulge in it minimum 3 times a week. Since it’s a habit that won't die, I truly want it to live and I enjoy them — just as I am doing so as I write this.

©️Geetika Sethi, November 2020

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