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When you feel anxious or feel stuck, and you have the wish, the need to figure out what happens, take a moment and start downloading your brain, that overload, those ideas, doubts inside your brain…


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Are you really ready for a committed relationship?

Committed relationships aren’t easy, but they can be fulfilling when you’re truly ready for the leap they require.

by: E.B. Johnson

Though we traditionally think of love as teddy bears and boxes of chocolate, modern love is a strange and complex thing, full of all kinds of up’s and down’s and in-between’s. Healthy partnerships require communication, respect and a lot of mindful intent, but they also require embracing the natural disruptions and hardships that are a part of the process. Only when we learn how to understand the seasons of our relationships can we commit to them honestly, earnestly and in good faith.

If you want a relationship that can stand the test of time, you have to work hard to understand the natural phases that dictate the passage of that relationship over time. Though we would like to believe in the Hollywood ideal of love, honeymoon’s don’t last forever and every relationship holds heartbreak. What really matters is that we learn how to mitigate that heartbreak and embrace the romantic journey for what it is. From spring to summer, autumn to winter — our relationships are constantly shifting and changing. It’s our job to learn how to weather that storm.

Nomatter how hard we try to make everything perfect, our relationships fail sometimes. As humans, we are complex creatures with a deep well of desires and emotions that drive us and propel us toward the future. It is these same emotions and desires that can sometimes pull us away from the person we love most, or lead to a widening divide that takes time and understanding to heal.

More than the obsession and the butterflies we feel during those first few encounters, love is all…

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