How much is a 14k gold rope chain worth?

Worried about the quality and strength of a 14k gold rope chain? I was too but no more as it’s composed of 58.3% gold and 41.7% other sturdy metals. In order to identify a 14K gold chain, look for a…


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Protecting Your Digital Creative Life

Do you have everything? Is it protected with backups? The answer should be yes.

In 2005, I was lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks in Los Angeles. It was my first time.

Taking copious amounts of pictures, I even took an entire day photographing many of their very unique subway platforms. Artists were hired to do each platform separately making them very charming and novel.

Upon returning home my computer broke down. The images were stored on the same drive as the software. The hard drive failed, I had lost those and many other pictures forever. I literally had a wave of anxiety, anger and sadness wash over me.

A new commitment was made then and there to protect my data, pictures, writing, diplomas, birth certificates, audiobooks, music, whatever.

The data needed its own dedicated drive, and a backup copy. A separate dedicated drive is not effected if the C:/ drive fails. And they all will, it’s not if but when.

I did know something about archiving negatives, which I have done meticulously for four decades. This was a new problem, and anyone who says taking pictures is now free, with the advent of digital technology is dead wrong.

I bought two hard drives, the biggest I could afford, and also two external housings. knowing the files needed to be organized and easy to find I devised a system that consisted of only four folders.

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