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The Gifts of Past Girlfriends

All the things women I’m no longer with left behind…besides me

Back in the day, I used a hair dryer daily, although I don’t use one that frequently these days, I did today.

It inspired the memory of a girl, well to be clear, a woman.

Beautiful Stephanie.

She came out of nowhere and it was delightful, for a while. Just like all my romantic relationships so far, it ended.

I used her 25 year old hair dryer today, the one that she left at my house.

It still works just as it did back then, I think of her and the good times each morning I choose to use it. What a beautiful gift.

Not all of the women who have shared time with me were so generous.

Then comes Stacy Jo.

She left me with many memories and other various resentments over three or more flings spanning 40 years, yes forty! Mostly that I can’t share now.

But, she did make the decision to give me something very special on my birthday.

A beautiful walnut wood and gold inlaid music box with my name and a personal message engraved inside.

It sits on my bedside table to this day.

Beautiful Becky

We had a fight, I was going to a photo shoot using a female assistant, this made her jealous. I left around 3:00 pm in the afternoon and returned just a few hours later after the shoot evaporated.

The house was emptied.

They took nearly everything. Becky loved shoes and had worked at the Red Wing shoe store.

She left me with 150 empty shoe boxes piled in her closet and in the attic.

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