3 things about 2 things that are 1 thing

There is 1 one thing that seems to be greatly misunderstood and at the root of much confusion and misunderstanding. It is a wild idea for sure. It takes a lot of brain power to take an image from…


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Respect the Artist

Photos of the author by author’s sister (used with permission)


January Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Self”

These photos are all taken by my sister. She and my husband have a thing they do when they get bored waiting for me to finish taking photos. They send each other pictures of me taking pictures and they add funny comments.

The message my sister sent my husband with the photo on the left: I think I figured out why her shoulder has been hurting. If she stops taking so many pictures she might not need physical therapy. And, she looks like one of the trees with her long arms and orange hair.

The one in the middle just got a simple, ridiculous. She didn’t know I was making a video of the snow silently falling around me. Every time she honked the horn to startle me I had to start the video over. It did take a long time, but that was her fault, not mine.

The one on the left got a caption that was a lie…Look at your wife. She was squatting down for so long taking pictures, the snow actually melted around her. The truth was, I squatted down in a place where the snow was already melted. The tracks I was taking pictures of were from wolves. You can see some behind me too. I didn’t stick around too long!

I actually never think I take too long in my photoshoots. I guess that is a point where I will have to agree to disagree with them. I don’t mind if they mock me. They also ask me to send them photos, so I know they actually like my work.

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone has sufficient time to take in as much nature as they desire in whatever way fills them with awe.

Some more pictures from the cover photo photoshoots can be found in a story from Fall 2020, A December Week in Photos, and Winter in the Woods.

Here are a couple more stories that mention my family’s reactions to me becoming a photographer:

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