Loyalitas dan Solidaritas

Loyalitas dan solidaritas merupakan 2 dari 5 nilai yang dipegang teguh oleh HIMAMIKRO ‘Archaea’ ITB. Kedua nilai tersebut tercantum di dalam AD/ART. Kedua nilai ini dianggap penting karena berangkat…


独家优惠奖金 100% 高达 1 BTC + 180 免费旋转

Torus is Attending Korea Blockchain Week 2019

The Torus Team will be heading to Seoul to attend Korea Blockchain Week 2019 and host several ancillary events.

We are excited and look forward to great blockchain game ideas from this event!

Our online hackathon, #torus4everyone2019 will be ending at the middle of Korea Blockchain Week. Submissions are still open to all Ethereum DApps and developers can participate to win US$10,000 worth of prizes.

Our judges from Binance Labs, Coinbase Ventures, Accomplice, Matic Network, Terminal Argonautic Ventures, Biconomy, are looking for amazing integrations of Torus, and will judge the projects on Technical Functionality, Creativity, User Experience, Potential Impact and the presentation of the project.

Register for our online hackathon and submit your DApp today!

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